Volunteer with IIRD

By giving
your time and skills, you are giving more than money. You are giving yourself

There are limitless ways you can contribute to our community. Every gift, whether of your time, your financial assistance, or of needed materials helps to nurture services and programs offered to beneficiaries! Equally so contributions create rewarding experiences for those that give.
By giving your time and skills, you are giving more than money. You are giving yourself. And unlike monetary gifts, gifts of service almost always are as valuable to the giver as to the recipient.

Current Volunteer Skills Requested:
Grant / Proposal Writing
Technical Assistance
Project Management
Project Evaluation
Documentation & Media Relations
Fund Gathering
Partnership Capacity Development
Social Venture Mapping
Other Avenues
The opportunities at IIRD are flexible and open. Contact us with your ideas on how you can serve rural and urban people in Rajasthan, India. Challenge and impress with your proposals. Past volunteers have been involved in various programs ranging from technical internships with water management to managing complex development programs implemented by the World Bank and IIRD, to expanding slum education programs, to establishing food processing centers for small business, to linking NGOs with community fairs or helping us document our projects, manage our website and setup combined private / public sector work. Again we cannot stress how open we are to new ideas, experiences, and programs. Contact us on how IIRD and you can create rewarding partnerships.