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Amarlal, ITC and IIRD


As a part of its CSR initiative, ITC encourages villagers from the disadvantaged category (physically disabled/ orphans et al) towards livelihood generation, by providing its own FMCG to set up their own shop. In the Jhumki village, IIRD officers Mr Kasyap and Mr Namdeo would often observe Amarlal, a shy young boy, as he followed them around. On one such routine visit, they were informed of the misfortune that had stuck Amarlal. His brothers had disowned him after his parents died. He had nowhere to go.


Willing to help him stand up on his own feet, the IIRD officers convinced the ITC authorities to help Amarlal make a decent living for himself. ITC offered him consumer goods worth INR 5000. But he also needed a space and another batch of goods worth INR 5000. That was supposed to be his share, as per the program guidelines. The village elders and IIRD officers loaned the remaining amount and also convinced his brother to give him his share of the land.


Cut to the present! Amar’s shop is now 15 months old and the most famous shop in the neighborhood. With a monthly income of about INR 5000- 8000, Amarlal has many dreams that he wishes to fulfill. He now aspires to take up a larger space for his shop and also increase the number of consumer goods in the shop. He says, “I want to make my shop bigger, so that I can store consumables for my fellow villagers, so that they don’t have to go to the nearby town for their basic needs. I want to make my village more self sufficient.”